Cerritos Academy

What is it?

The Cerritos Academy is a place of learning and enrichment at Cerritos Elementary school. The enrichment courses offered serve to expand and increase the knowledge and creativity base of our students. Our mission is to develop and nurture lifelong learners. We seek to engage the students in meaningful and exciting learning opportunities. We strive to have our community of students value themselves and others. At the Cerritos Academy we celebrate both the similarities and differences found in our students.

Who is it for?

The program is designed primarily for the families of Cerritos Elementary students. However, if space is available we will open the program to the rest of the community.

When do sessions start?

10.3­1.16 | 7 weeks
Winter 1.9­.17 | 10 weeks
Spring 3.20­.17 | 10 weeks
Summer 6.19­.17 | 6 weeks

Summer Academy Sessions

Cerritos Academy is offered by the non-profit Cerritos Elementary PTA. All proceeds from the Cerritos Academy go to Cerritos Elementary School. Summer sessions are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

Courses: Rocketry, Ceramics, Robotics, Movie Making, The Way Things Work, Hands-on Science, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and many more.
Instructors: Hwang, Castellanos, Culp, Ishibashi, DeSimone, Silvers and others. With help from amazing Whitney High School student aids.

MORNING SESSION | $695 for 6 weeks
Monday – Friday* (8:30am – 2:30pm) 
Morning session will include a lunch break. Please pack a healthy lunch for your child each day.

AFTERNOON SESSION | $395 for 6 weeks
Monday – Friday* (2:30pm – 6:00pm)
Afternoon session will include a snack break. Please pack a healthy snack for your child each day.


*​Summer Academy will be closed July 3-4 in observance of Independence Day.

Enroll Students


Please feel free to email: CerritosAcademy@gmail.com